[28-07-2017] Two Ways to Get Your Hands On The Game Early FIFA 18 will be released worldwide on Friday, September 29th. However, there are two ways to get your hands on the game early.

[27-07-2017] FIFA 18 Official Graphics we will find more news on FIFA 18 Coins and Fifa 18 should also receive official license information for the championships and teams that will be present in the new chapter of the football footage EA

[26-07-2017] FIFA's new rules may allow China to hold the World Cup in 2030 FIFA intends to give its executive committee a right to decide whether a continent can host a World Cup once again.

[25-07-2017] The Switch Version of FIFA 18 Has a Custom Run Engine Nintendo Switch version of the FIFA18 will not run on the Frostbite engine, which for FIFA fans is undoubtedly a blow, because they have long wanted to enjoy the Nintendo platform to play FIFA.

[24-07-2017] FIFA 18 will not disappoint the Bundesliga fans EA won the auction with Konami. In FIFA 18 you will get licensed Bundesliga and two lower league games from Germany.

[22-07-2017] Get Specific Details About The Features of The FIFA 18 Game EA Sports on E3 has revealed the trailer for the game and the "Road to glory" mode, but pure gameplay will still be available. For a good start, we have received a list of innovations implemented in p

[21-07-2017] The New Role and Storyline Will Appear in The Journey EA released the first trailer for the second edition of the game on June 10, when it could be said that the stars, players, coaches and experts were guessing the future of Hunter.

[20-07-2017] Sparta Fans Can Look Forward To The Opportunity to Bring Their Club to Glory and Trophy In FIFA 18 AC Sparta Praha and Electronic Arts are pleased to announce that one of the most successful Czech clubs and a traditional participant in the top Czech football competition will reappear in the EA SPOR

[19-07-2017] FIFA 18 Vs PES 2018 Which Game Is Better In the "FIFA 18" and PES 2018 is about to launch, we also made some predictions on these two games. Look at FIFA 18 Vs PES 2018, Which Game Is Better.

[18-07-2017] Dele Alli And The Values On FIFA 18 It is not to be excluded that it can have an important part in the next chapter of The Journey, where surely Cristiano Ronaldo will appear.

[14-07-2017] Will Ultimate Team Be On The Switch The ultimate team can play on the switch, and because of the portability of the console, you can more easily access your team than ever before.

[13-07-2017] The Ability to Pre order FIFA 18 For PS4 fifa18coins.co.uk is Online for sale FIFA 18 Coins. All with Cheap Price, Fast Delivery, and Security Guaranteed! Enjoy FIFA 18 Coins Cheap Online.

[12-07-2017] Alex Hunter's Return Has Also Made Significant Changes In Terms of Structure In FIFA 18 Alex Hunter will begin his journey to FIFA 18 in Rio de Janeiro, playing football with some local teams before returning to Britain where things begin to warm up with speculations about his transfer t

[11-07-2017] FIFA 18 Legends change name to Icons, they will also come on PS4 and PC After publishing the FIFA 18 announcement trailer, Electronic Arts announced that the Legends will change their name to Icons and will also come on PS4 and PC.

[10-07-2017] EA Official Announced The Three Versions Of The FIFA 18 The "FIFA 18" invited the newly defending Cristiano Ronaldo as a starter, while the official also announced the three versions of the game, namely the standard version, Ronaldo version and idol versio

[07-07-2017] The Third League Is To Be Introduced In FIFA 18 The fans of the FIFA series have long cherished: the third league. But so far, EA Sports has not listened to these calls - until now. For, as kicker reports, the third league is to be introduced in FI

[06-07-2017] FIFA 18 Rumors about possible new championships If you are playing FIFA 18, you should always have to choose the reliable FIFA 18 Coins supplier. Buying FIFA 18 coins will make the game become easy.

[05-07-2017] These are the confirmed improvements of FIFA 18 with regard to 17 EA Sports boss Andre Wilson confirmed that the game will continue to use the Frostbite Engine, which achieved tremendous results in lighting and recre

[04-07-2017] Surprisingly,Rating Messi makes huge dizziness on FIFA 18 Although, according to many, he is still at the top of his ability, the makers and reviewers of FIFA 2018 are significantly less impressed with Lionel Messi's recent achievements.

[03-07-2017] Lacazette Is Going to Join Arsenal Arsenal's heavy sign this summer is finally coming. The goal is Lyon's striker Lacazette. The transfer fee for the deal is expected to be 50 million euros.

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