[29-08-2017] Golden Boots in European History In the League match last weekend, Messi scored twice in the play in La Liga

[26-08-2017] NS version of FIFA 18 demo NS version of "FIFA18" biggest feature should be that it can pass the NS portability, the use of two handles (Joy-Con) and friends with the war, anytime, anywhere can play a game.

[24-08-2017] FIFA 18 Andrei Lazaresku for Nintendo Switch News The goal was clear and so we passed: creating the most powerful FIFA ever created for a portable console.

[23-08-2017] Barcelona Is Most Likely to Sign a Contract with Seri After the failure to introduce Coutinho, Barcelona is now mainly focusing on the introduction of the midfielder Seri

[22-08-2017] So spectacular are the matches of FIFA 18 in their new trailer The Frostbite graphics engine will leave us with tremendously realistic games and to live in our consoles will have to wait until September 29

[21-08-2017] Antoine Griezmann asks for data on the FIFA 18 game and EA responds in a fun way EA Sports responded a few minutes later: 'less than 99'. Unleashing laughter on social networks by the 'trolleada' to Antoine.

[17-08-2017] FIFA World Cup winners Antoine Griezmann Especially FIFA, the title of EA Sports that sells the most in the world and is a reference in the world of football in this entertainment that moves millions of fans and millions of dollars in profit

[16-08-2017] Bolt Really Wants to Play for Manchester United Against Barcelona Usain Bolt is a retired Jamaican sprinter

[15-08-2017] FIFA 18 video is filtered with the faces of the players A few days ago the beta of FIFA 18 began, and EA itself that was in charge of managing the sending of the keys to the users that they thought convenient.

[14-08-2017] FIFA 18 UT new games are illustrated FIFA18 in the SBC will increase the difficulty, there will be some location is locked, must be in accordance with the requirements of EA use a specific player.

[11-08-2017] FIFA 18 will be released the behavior of the fans on September One of the main changes of FIFA 18 that will be launched in September is the behavior of the fans in the stands: they will be in high definition,

[10-08-2017] Italian Football Association Announced Renewal of the Contract with Ventura Italian Football Association official announced that the Italian national team renewed the contract with coach Ventura to 2020

[09-08-2017] Discover the FUT icons of FIFA 18 with players like Ronaldinho or Carles Puyol One of the most eye-catching game modes in recent editions of EA Sports FIFA is FIFA Ultimate Team, which also includes football legends that make the game legendary.

[08-08-2017] First gameplay scenes of a live match with Real Madrid stars EA provided the FIFA fans this week with live stream with lots of new information and pictures to FIFA 18.

[07-08-2017] FIFA 18 Unveils All Stages Many stages are well known to fans of the franchise, but by carefully browsing the list below, we realize that some stadiums are appearing for the first time.

[04-08-2017] FIFA 18 will be released in simplified Chinese version on September 26 FIFA 18 in addition to the traditional Chinese version this year, the PS4 platform will also launch Simplified Chinese version.

[03-08-2017] FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Announce The Squad Battles Mode A few minutes ago, during the direct tenure of EA Sports, new details were dedicated to FIFA 18 Ultimate Team.

[02-08-2017] FIFA 18 Ronaldo Edition for PS4 in Super Discount FIFA 18 Ronaldo Edition for PS4 at a discount, the title is bookable at 69.99 Euro, with a 22% discount from the price of 89.99 Euros.

[01-08-2017] FIFA 18 PS4 bundled version will be available in September Not long ago announced "FIFA 18" PS4 bundled version will be available in September after another, random will also bring the ultimate team legend star package, and three ICON players.

[31-07-2017] EA officially announced the Ronaldo's FIFA 18 Rating Revealed Keep the total score of 94, the player card on the six values were: speed 93, possession 93, shot 93, defense 46, passing 80, the body 80.

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