Why dynamic climate may be coming to FIFA 18

Thankfully, this occurs to become one thing the new Frostbite Engine specialises in - and has been put to superior use in the recent Need For Speed reboot and Battlefield 1.

It is even going to feature in Mass Effect: Andromeda (below) - an additional title powered by Frostbite.

Frostbite director Jonas Skantz told Dream Team Gaming his group is building "groundbreaking gameplay innovations" - which could allude to dynamic weather in FIFA 18.

Speaking to Metro last year, EA DICE's Patrick Bach explained why weather is so much greater than just a "pretty effect".

"We often discuss these distinct dimensions in Battlefield, exactly where you have the rock, paper, scissors after which you marry that with the destruction and you develop unpredictability from distinctive angles. And with the layer of climate we really modify the way you play inside a really drastic way," he stated.

"So, when you've got the techniques of becoming a sniper and it starts to rain then you definitely in all probability need to modify techniques. Along with the identical with fighter planes, as soon as the fog rolls in it's like, ??Okay, this can be not as efficient any longer, so I almost certainly require to go back on the ground'.

"It's not simply a pretty impact, it truly modifications the way you play the game."

Dynamic climate would add a whole new layer of tactics to gameplay in FIFA.

As an example, weather taking a turn for the worse could negatively influence player ground speed, passing accuracy and injury probability.

Players could fall more than much more very easily, goalkeepers may be much more most likely to fumble rapidly shots?- the list is endless, and would all assist add an added amount of realism to the game.

Time will tell if this really is what EA has planned, but in the quest to create FIFA 18 the most realistic football game ever, surely the developer can't afford to ignore this once again.

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