What Kind of FIFA 18 Game Is

Many Chinese FIFA players do not know what FIFA 18 is. They claimed that they usually just play FIFAo13 or old version Winning Eleven, but never play FIFA 17 or FIFA 18 games, which they think will cost money.

Some questions they ususlly ask are as following. Is FIFA 18 a stand-alone game? It is both of a single game and an online game. If you play Ultimate Team mode that is online mode, you can make a team to play againt other players or PC. That means you can trade players in transfer market. Of course, there are many other playing modes.

Can FIFA 18 be like Winning Eleven that you can modify player's value or transfer players? Yes, definitely. FIFA 18 received many team's authorization, hence you can use real jersey and team name. Fifa18coins thinks FIFA is more interesting than Winning Eleven in many sides. The only defect is that bugs appear more frequently than that in Winning Eleven.

If you want to buy legitimate copies of game, compare to FIFA 17, there is no much progress in FIFA 16 that only adds female soccer and modifies some details. FIFA 18 made a big progress. Buy FIFA 18 if you want to buy one online soccer game.

Like all previous FIFA games, you can buy FIFA coins to open packs. Fifa18coins.co.uk is a cheap online store to buy FIFA 18 coins.

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