West Ham United Chose Buyout to Lanzini

According to fifa18coins.co.uk news, West Ham United priced the team star Lanzini 30 million pounds. The frontcourt attacker had previously borrowed from Aljazla to join West Ham, then West Ham chose a buyout to the player.

With the departure of Payette, Lanzini has become a new darling of West Ham. Beofre West Ham choose the buyout of player, Liverpool is interested in this player. As the team's number one star Coutinho's future is still unknown, Liverpool is ready to re-buy Lanzini. In addition to Liverpool, Tottenham and Arsenal are very interested in Lanzini.

West Ham United's contract for Lanzini is difficult to match the Premiership clubs' high offers. Liverpool and other clubs are willing to pay him a weekly salary of 10 million pounds.

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