Various FUT Games You Should Know

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Editing the team is the overall adjustment to the team, the key is to change the coach and tactics.

In addition you can use the club props card, change the team logo, the arena, jersey and football. All these will change the team's appearance style, unlock the creation of the team option. You can create your own logo, stadium and jersey. These content will not affect the team attributes.

FUT's tournament is divided into three categories, one single season, the cup. The second is multi-player season, the Cup. The third is the most difficult and most exciting levy match.

The former is the easiest. The player can own game to earn tokens to buy card package, carry out a only their own FUT game, but earn less tokens, basically able to set up a gold team (gold player card), which has made ends meet.

Is the best experience FUT mode, with friends to cooperate, confrontation, but also challenge other players, earning the amount of coins is also quite rich. A month game may be able to set up a black team.

The hardest part of the latter is that it requires "tickets". The need for players to use a lot of tokens to buy admission tickets. If defeated, then re-entry need to buy another ticket. But the tournament only need you winning streak 5 games, after the end there will be a lot of rare incentives!

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