Transfer Preparation On Searching Players

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Since FIFA 14, players as coaches can no longer search the player's comprehensive evaluation. You have to search their names, and then enter the player's information interface to get the player's comprehensive evaluation and the Class attribute information.

Although this practice causes a lot of trouble, it's real. So how can you search for a good player? Fifa18coins.co.uk shares you tips.

Combine your understanding of football and search on the Internet for outstanding player information, and then in FIFA 18 search for players. First of all, you have a certain amount of knowledge of football, at least you should know who are today's excellent players, buy them rightly later. But the problem is that these players are at very high value.

If you transfer budget funds are not abundant, you can consider some demon players.

Although the reality and the game are mostly some differences, fifa18coins.co.uk can certainly tell you, EA will be applied to the network data in FIFA 18, as long as the major domestic and international football media have mentioned the demon. In FIFA 18 all are good.

For example, Nabil Fekir in early 2016 was regarded as the "French demon king". Although the reality that he was seriously injured, FIFA 18 also reduced his overall evaluation, the real use of him to play the game is very good with left foot. There is impact.

The purchase price of these legends is very low. Just a little exercise, you can sell at a good price. If these demon really easy to use, they will be trained into tomorrow's team leaders.

So you have to pay more attention to the players on the Internet, and then go back to the game to search.

There is also a search method, that is, by scouts to help find. This approach is not recommended, because even if the players find their growth is not as good as the reality.

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