Tips for Player Career Steals and Shooting

1, Steals
When playing career, do not think of goals and win at first. Just play your position, passing, do not press B to steal, mainly to press A. On the world-class difficulty, It's basically no use to press RB, professional level can do it. If it is professional level, AI in the catch moment, there is a chance he can not play the ball. Seize the opportunity, decisively to steal.

2, Shooting
If your technology is not yet excellent, try not to long-range, run to the restricted area, when the goalkeeper moves, begin to shoot. Generally, he reacts, unless he is kicked into the human body, or hje has really bad luck.

3, Passing
Watch the scene in advance, kick out the ball as you can. When you can not see or someone in front, retreat then pass. AI often judge your line, you catch the ball and run forward. He is running in this direction.

4, On the breakthrough
No need to press the accelerator to run wild, or it is difficult to breakthrough. Grasp opportunity, changing a line is very important. This is very important, variable line success, to chase the AI ​​basic can not keep up.

6, Be selected into national team

With the election of the national team, the only condition is your performance in the club league, as well as the strength of the national team. If your national team strength is too strong, you perform better, it is not easy to go, at least in the first season it's difficult to enter.In addition, the national team seems to pay more attention to your station. It may be related to the coach.

Playing in a club, lost points is okay. But in the national team, it will be scary with very poor evaluation. You have to pay attention. Playing in the national team well, you can keep the main location. If you want to play the World Cup, juet keep trying and playing.

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