The Journey Plot of FIFA 18

Alex in the team has two good friends who areToro and Li-Li. The two learned that Alex was about to accept Rio Ferdinand interview, to take to catch the Alex The But the joke is a joke, Toro warns Alex not to be distracted, this team is not the most important individual, but the collective. But Li-Li did not agree, his words, to the next story buried foreshadowed.

step4. Once again returned to the player career interface. This time you have to understand the player's character and player's ability. You can choose to upgrade Alex for the point, to enhance the ability of Alex.

Plot: Alex is about to accept Rio Ferdinand interview, before the interview he was a bit nervous, the broker Michael said after the interview, will be a new contract affecting Alex life. Grandpa Jim has been appreciative of his admiration since he knew that if his son Harold could get help from Michael, he would not make Harold's football career going to a loss.

Subsequently, the interview began. For Alex, Rio Ferdinand is his idol, because the little Alex to see Rio Ferdinand play, plus Rio Ferdinand had ever crossed these superstars, and Alex had never wanted to be here in front of the lens with Rio Ferdinand.

Rio Ferdinand's question is very sharp, he mentioned Alex's grandfather and father, and take Hunter three generations of comparison, which makes Alex some at a loss, but now he only recognize the mother and Grandpa is his family, he hopes not to mention Harold later.

The next topic is even more acute that is about Alex's childhood friend Gareth, whom he played together with in the street, and then joined the youth team. Alex believe that they are already adults, no longer young. Therefore the contradiction between the two has been left behind.

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