The FA announced the chase of rape against Ibrahimovic

At the official website announced that the Bournemouth guard Mingsi additional punishment, he in Bournemouth and Manchester United game trampled Ibrahimovic's head, was the foot The total ban five games of punishment.

In the last weekend Bournemouth 1-1 draw Manchester United game, Minsi in a defense step on Ibrahimovic's head, but when the referee did not punish him, then Ibrahimovic to Mins There is no penalty for elbowing.

After the game, the FA on the Minsi charges, that he was violent in the game, although Mins subsequently appealed, but the FA study that three suspension is not enough, the additional to him Two punches.

Yesterday, the FA also announced the results of the punishment of the Iraqi elbow, Ibrahimovic was suspended for three games, will miss Manchester United and Chelsea FA Cup.

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