Strategies To Dominate FIFA 18 Midfiled

It is hard to play FIFA 18 in the midfield position. Here fifa18coins.co.uk teack some tips.

A good method to catch the opponent off-guard is playing one-two passes, but this doesn't mean you should always return the ball to the running player. If a defender plays an interchange with a more advanced teammate, pass to another player and let them get back into position. A good strategy is to also use a one-two-three move. You can pass the ball in a one-two fashion to start the run, but instead of returning the ball, move it forward to a striker, for example.

One-two: Positioning: The key to dominate the midfield is having a good idea of where players are without seeing them. Move the ball carefully, and if necessary change flank with a long pass or through ball to the right or left back. Midfield is usually the most populated area of ​​the game, so you shouldn't hold onto the ball for too long with the same player, and you should especially avoid running with LT (Xbox) or L2 (PlayStation) in the midfield.

The through ball it not only useful while attacking, it can also be very effective in the midfield. When a colleague comes running from behind, you can nudge the ball to them by clicking the through ball button. Learn to use this pass properly if you want to dominate the midfield. As the running player passes you, return the ball. This is a good way of having multiple teammates running for space - but be careful, losing the ball will leave your midfield open.

The pressure exerted by the opponent in midfield is very strong, and moving straight towards them is a quick way of losing the ball. A good way to avoid this is by holding the ball with LT (Xbox) or L2 (PlayStation). This is the ball shield button, which causes the player to turn his back to the opponent and keep the ball away from him. This won't hold forever, but it can give you precious seconds that buys time for another teammate to provide backup.

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