Some New Update of FIFA 18

The story mode of FIFA 17 seems to be very popular, so FIFA 18 will based on the story mode and return the second season, adding new roles and new stories.

EA CEO confirmed that FIFA 18 will be available in 2017, and said FIFA 17 single story mode will continue. FIFA 18 journey will be the second quarter. FIFA 18 will build on the style of their development based on the stories, the players return to the second season of the journey, adding new roles and new stories. The Vancouver FIFA 18 development team is building an innovative new experience, including the ultimate team, to create the richest and interconnected FIFA experience.

FIFA 17 story mode was so popular that there are already more than 10 million fans played the journey, the ultimate team players increase year by year 10%. FIFA 18 should continue to use frost 3 engine development, landing PC, PS4, Xbox One and other platforms.

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