Real Madrid Array Efficiency King Has Not Been CR7 And Only Messi Can Only Play Off The Bench

Last weekend, Real Madrid away with the Villarreal game, Mora La once again proved himself, when he played off the bench to help Real Madrid scored a go-ahead score, Real Madrid final 3-2 reversal of Villarreal Yar From the data, Mora Rata's recent goal is only less than Messi, the last eight games in the Primera Liga, Mora tower harvested seven goals. Over the same period, Messi scored eight goals in the last eight games.

In addition, Messi is La Liga is currently the most efficient players, a draw every 86 minutes into a ball, and Mora tower efficiency is not low, draw every 92 minutes to harvest a ball, behind Messi.

At present, Mora has scored six goals for Real Madrid, which tied his last season in Juventus goals. But Mora La played for 1200 minutes, while last year, played 2300 minutes. It is worth mentioning that, Mora La is currently only Real Madrid's bench.

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