Real FIFA 18 Barcelona Team History Introduction

Barcelona is a very strong team, fifa18coins.co.uk does not know if you players know this team well in FIFA 18 this online game.

You may have in the game actually tried FIFA 18 Barcelona, ​​and this is a very strong team. The reality is the same, this team is also very strong. Barcelona was founded by the Swiss Hans Gamber. Until now it has 100 years, it can be said it is one-hundred-year team. Messi, Harvey, Ronaldo, Cruyff, Rivaldo, Guardiola are all popular players.

In the early stage of the team, Barcelona won the championship. In 1901, Barcelona won its first championship with eight war victory records. In the subsequent growth stage, Barcelona entered a very difficult period, 38 members were ready to leave. Although he faced difficulties, Gamber did not give up, continued to adhere to the operation. In the next 10 years, the club scale grew from 201 people to 2973 people, the number increased nearly 10 times.

On the 25th anniversary of Barcelona, ​​the club had 12,207 members. But, unfortunately, in July 1930, Gamber suicided because of depression, the outside world rumors are that it was caused by stress and financial problems. After that, through the burning of the world war, the team still survived. In the subsequent game, Barcelona won more and more. Eventually, it developed into such a big team now.

The above is about FIFA 18 Barcelona introduction. After you read this article, fifa18coins.co.uk believes you FIFA 18 players must have more understanding of Barcelona. I think this article will make everyone more like Barcelona this team.

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