Overhead Passing Skills in FIFA 18

Overhead passing is only a deformation of through ball. It needs to meet some conditions to send out an overhead passing every second.

Similar to through ball, near the passer and receiver it is best that in 1m range there is no running defensive player interference with high speed, or even up to 5 meters distance; receiver must be in high-speed running or there is a running trend situation. His recent defensive player must be in a non-running state.

Over the top of the use of the ball almost straight with the straight plug ball, but the use of some differences in conditions, you have to learn to distinguish.

For example, the ball player is about to quickly break through each other's defense, but there are defensive players around him in the chase, this time you should choose straight plug ball, rather than over the top pass; long distance, there are players intend to break The other side of the line of defense, you should choose to pass the top pass this time instead of straight plug the ball.

Long distance, it used to pass the ball (straight plug the ball can not pass more than two defensive players), press the LT key to control the ball at the foot, this method can make good footwork players instantly stick the ball stick Side (relatively rough point of the foot of the players can also use two under the ball approach to control the ball down);

If you can not be in place, you will be ordinary high lob. This time you have to switch to the ball players to compete for the first placement; if the ball received, remember to control the ball down again. Some players catch the ball easily after the split is intended to turn the ball, but your ball did not control directly to turn around. It is easy to take the ball away from the foot, this time you should go along the potential of the ball to move forward.

Note that it's best to go to the sidewalk to carry out overhead ball. Of course,  that can be sent to the middle road is the best choice. It will be able to form anopportunity to fight the door. If only pass the wing, then you can consider bottom operating.

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