Novices FAQ About Playing FIFA 18 For Chinese

The frequently asked question from novices for Chinese is unavailable to log into Origin. What is the matter with it? Fifa18coins today will teach you some ways to solve this kind of problem. Maybe you can try it.
You can try to uninstall the origin installation package, then reinstall it. But some FIFA online game players still cannot unlock the game even using game accelerator. There are two ways that may solve this problem. First, some game accelerators have many routes. But they are fake. Actually they are domestic IPs that are just for Hong Kong and Korea optimized routes. It can be resolved to use professional VPN. Second, if there is no problem about the accelerator, you can make a call to customer service. If it still can not lock the game, change another vpn.

Recently, we got an email from a FIFA 18 gamer. He said he came across a problem when plaing to play the game. The situation is like that after he download the Origin, unzip the game to specified game directory. Everything is ok but when he started to play, he was forced to log out. What should he do?

Based on some expert gamers'experience, it is nothing but problem of software configuration, missing to install some procedure. Some days later, he told us his problem was solved. If you want to know how he did it. Please contact us.

In the end, maybe you want to ask us how to get FIFA 18 coins in a fast way to play FIFA 18. It is to buy FIFA 18 coins online on store fifa18coins.co.uk. This is the best way, fast, convenient and cheap.

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