Nine Trophies You Need to Get in FIFA 18

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Proving grounds: in FUT, complete one game of TOTW. Here you can choose difficulty level. Champions: In the FIFA Ultimate Team group championship season win a group champion. Single season is OK, so there is no difficulty. Strategic planning: In career mode to reach a "youth development" goal. simpler goal from the transfer market to sign a few young people like.

A shift in power means to change a captain in FUT. In UT the current squad, press triangle or Y, then select change roles, and then choose change captain, choose another player. Positive cash flow: Complete the fiscal targets in career mode. Ditto, more simple goal is to reduce salary expenses, so to literally sell a few people is OK.

Public Relations: In career mode to achieve a "brand exposure" goal. All kinds of the board of directors expected this year FIFA 18 has new content of the career mode. Actually it's very simple, to choose a team with low target(it's 5: very low), it is much easier to achieve. You can see the current expected targets in the board of directors of the office. Such as "brand exposure," simpler goal was 85% attendance rate in 5 consecutive games.

Show me your skills: Complete multiplayer skill games. It needs double handle, complete the skill competition before the game, the result doesn't matter, as long as you can complte is you can win a trophy. I'll take all the help I can get: Enable the FIFA coach and complete a game. As the name implies, in the game, press R3 to open or close "FIFA manager". Here we go: Win group online one to one season. In season mode. "Must Play" refers to in Season there are some reward items that you can buy, such as automatically gain a victory. So there is possibility that you don't play a game but can also be possible ti get championship.

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