New added Content in FUT

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Star career: tell the truth, this mode is in fact in order to encourage more FIFA 18 players to play more FUT, so that players can experience star, the football king online.

Ronaldo Nazario, Tiago Manadona, Bele, Rhone Dinho. And the ball the most classic legendary players to play together through the FUT super star story, at their excellent career at different stages. In the story of stars, explore the different milestones of different milestones as well as their unique version of the items at all times.

Champion: In FIFA's most popular mode, select from thousands of players to build your own Ultimate Team. Discover new daily goals, compete for weekly awards in Squad Battles, and watch the world's best game on Champions Channel!

Team Challenge: This is actually the previous version of the formation lineup, but the players will have restrictions on the team, for example, you want to use a specific international, specific league, a specific club players to challenge the task.

Squad Battle: players can challenge the list of the top players here, you can also choose to challenge FIFA game master and other celebrities.

Many players played FIFA 18 not long. So have you been familiar with these contents. Play this game more, you will be a master. And tired of opening packs? Try to buy FIFA 18 coins to save much time so that you can play FIFA games more.

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