New Game Features of FIFA 18

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With the Frostbite energy, FIFA 18 shorten the distance between the virtual world and the real world, the lifelike players, the team and the atmosphere make you feel fully into the world of football.

The game introduces Ronaldo to accelerate, run the rhythm, skill and shoot technology to improve the game design fluency, player response and explosive forces and other elements.

New cross control- the new cross-cutting mechanism allows players to kick a wide range of aggressive arcs, high parabolic passes and quick low pass on the wing, creating more dynamic attack opportunities.

Real player action technology- This new system of action brings an unprecedented reaction, and clearly show the personality of the players. Now, Christian Ronaldo and other top players's every move is lifelike true.

Disk big reform- The new ball mechanism allows you to more touch the ball, more quickly turned and play an unprecedented explosive.

FUT Championship- In FIFA's most popular model, select from thousands of players to create your own Ultimate Team. Discover new daily goals, compete for weekly awards in Squad Battles, and watch the world's best game on Champions Channel!

Soccer journey: Hunter return
Developed using FROSTBITE. Alex Hunter became the world's hot talk. A year after the Premiership had a breakthrough. Now he comes back to start the second season of the journey, rumors that he is already on the road.

From Brazil's summer vacation to Los Angeles's pre-season tour, Alex Hunter will be in the FIFA 18 football journey throughout the world.

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