New Features in FIFA 18 UT

This is a new small feature in the FUT. In the game or mobile terminal App, these daily or weekly objectives can be completed through the completion of a series of small tasks the system gives. These objectives are about lineup management, and there are specific challenges for you to accomplish in the game. The more challenging the goal is, the better the reward will be.

Squad Building Challenges
There will be some changes on the SBC in FUT 18. The need to form a lineup will be merged. In addition you will encounter situation that the SBC challenge lineup slot is locked and replaced by a replaced SBC challenge quest. This will make SBC more diverse, more challenging.

Squad Battles Lineup
In this new model, you will be able to challenge professional players, professional FIFA players, celebrities (such as music producers), Youtuber and others lineup. According to different difficulty levels, after the victory will be able to get the corresponding points. The cumulative number of points will produce the corresponding ranking and rank, the higher the ranking of the reward the better.

Champions Channel
This is EA SPORTS specifically for FIFA e-sports features. Here you will be able to see the world's top players of the duel. In the viewing process can be done to switch any angle, fast forward, reverse and other operations. At the same time the game will have a detailed event on the timeline tips, wonderful goals will not miss.

Play FUT Anywhere
The new FUT Webapp web page will have the same functionality as the mobile App. Whether the above mentioned Objectives goals, SBC, or the basic lineup management and player transactions, all can be operated.

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