Mourinho Will Buy Back Hernandez

Van Gaal coached Manchester United's two seasons. He purchased a number of players, at the same time, also sold a lot of players. Now, Mourinho is going to buy back a player sold by Van Gaal.

Mourinho has decided to bring Hernandez back to Old Trafford. Manchester United will spend 12 million pounds this summer to buy Hernandez. In the summer of 2015, Manchester United sold Hernandez to Leverkusen at the low-cost of 7.3 million pounds.

Joined the Bundesliga team, Hernandez scored 26 goals in 15/16 season, having outstanding performance. This season, Hernandez was troubled by injuries, but so far he scored 12 goals. Now Ibrahimovic seriously injured, and Wayne Rooney may leave the team, Manchester United this summer really need to add forward. By then, Mourinho will try to buy Hernandez.

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