Methods to Charge FIFA 18 Points

Fifa18coins does not know if every FIFA 18 player knows how to charge FIFA 18 coins or points. Today we will introduce you players ways to charge FIFA 18 points. May it helps you a lot. Note that because the there is only one chance to transfer FIFA 18 points, if you have previously converted green point, for these players, please do not use this method.

This year, the price of FIFA 18 points increased a lot. The green points in FIFA 17 can be transfered to FIFA 18 one-time conversion to 17, so there is a chance to buy cheap FIFA 17 points and then transfer them to FIFA 18 once. After an investigation of all servers, fifa18coins.co.uk found Brazil service currently has the most surprising price in FIFA 17. You can get 500 FIFA 18 points by 2.79 euro. If there are our members, you can get a 10% discount, the final price is 2.51 euro.

Now I want to say how to operate step by step: 1. Switch your server to Brazil (Portuguese); 2. Log into FIFA 17 store, fill in your own billing address. Here you need to pay more attention that the address must be Brazil. You can find a Brazilian hotel in the booking, use its address and telephone; 3. After buying the green point, play Ultimate Team mode in FIFA 18 to transfer into green point from FIFA 17, click on the conversion, succeed!

Now fifa18coins.co.uk believes you know how to charge FIFA 18 POINTS. You can follow the introduction and have a try. If you want to buy FIFA 18 points online or FIFA 18 coins, you can contact us. We are professional in generating FIFA 18 coins.

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