Leader Alex Hunter Story in Fifa Game

Leader Alex Hunter was born in the football family. Hunter and his young partner striker Walker Walker joined a Premiership club. Hunter and Walker were taken it at the edge of a cliff when the team veteran was injured.

Manipulation can be free to choose perspective, you can also choose to control the team or control Hunter in the game. The scoring system has a certain change, passing, dribbling, to the ball, shooting will cause the ups and downs of the score. The rating determines the amount of pre- match and post-match awards. Likewise, the coach will evaluate Hunter' s field performance in real time, which will affect the head coach' s attitude towards Hunter.

This is very interesting because there will be dialogue after the game selection, dialogue style is divided into hot, calm, neutral three attitudes, respectively, on behalf of Hunter may show three kinds of people doing things, will affect the coach' s attitude, the degree of fan support Teammate attitude and other factors.

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