Konami attacks FIFA 18 hard and says PES 2018 is the best option

The war between the two football simulators has begun with the first darts of Konami to EA Sports from the hand of Adam Bhatti, product manager of PES 2018. To put us in position, the Pro Evolution franchise was clear dominating a decade ago, but After a few years of hesitancy, it was FIFA that took away the leading role, including new playable innovations and new modes such as the successful Ultimate Team.

This time Bhatti has criticized FIFA 18 hard, claiming that they have introduced virtually nothing new, almost the same game as last year. "As always, FIFA 18 looks very similar to last year's edition, and if you want to Buy Cheap FIFA 18 Coins online, you can click here to know more cheap coins. They probably do not feel they need or do not want to make changes. I think they are very comfortable and that always gives us a great opportunity because it allows us to innovate, change things and create an alternative. Having people play the same game every year is not a good thing, we have to make sure we give them a good choice, and we think it's the best one at the moment. "The producer tries to make it clear that EA Sports has fallen asleep due to superiority Achieved years ago and this allows them to be able to cut a long way.

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