Italian Football Association Announced Renewal of the Contract with Ventura

    Italian Football Association official announced that the Italian national team renewed the contract with coach Ventura to 2020. More information is on fifa18coins.co.uk where you can buy cheap FIFA 18 Coins.

    Mr. Tavichio, president of the Italian Football Association, said that they celebrate the work of Ventura, and hopefully he will let the Italian national team continue to be in a good competitive condition. It goes without saying the importance of the match between Italy and the Spanish team on Sept. 2, and they hope that Ventura can continue to lead to the team to get good results.

    Ventura has been coaching in Serie A Torino team for 5 years, and he has also coached Naples, Sampdoria and other Serie A giants. In the coached 10 games in the Italian national team, he led the team to earn 7 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss, tied Spain and Germany, while the only defeat is the loss in the friendship battle to France.

    On July 19, 2016, the Italian Football Association officially announced that Ventura replaced Conti and became the Italian national team coach. Previously, contract between Ventura and Serie A is to be end after the end of the Russian World Cup, but Tavicio announced at the press conference that the team and Ventura completed the renewal.

    Tavichio said that they held this press conference to announce that Tula had renewed to 2020, and they were very confident about him.

    Ventura's current goal is undoubtedly to lead Italy to obtain the qualification for Russian World Cup. The Italian Football Association decided to renew Ventura, which truly shows support and trust of the Italian Football Association on Ventura.

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