Interactive Communication Negotiations to FIFA 18 Reform

Transfer negotiations in FIFA 18 carrer mode have been completely reformed, will be more immersed in the process of interactive negotiations. The main menu transfer center in Career Mode allows the player to track all the transfer goals and players that are already on the market. And players can use the new interactive transfer negotiation system.

Through interactive decisions, the player can communicate with each other's club staff or player representatives (managers or brokers) to provide the necessary transactions. If the player does not want to interview, you can also negotiate with the assistant at the transfer center.

If you want to negotiate with the player, you need to enter the transfer center, select the player you want to negotiate from the list of candidates. In the negotiation stage, two steps are needed.

1. For the transfer fee for the contestants, you need to discuss with the seller's club manager or sales representative. With the decision option, players can quote quotes even including additional terms such as terms of sale. After quote, the player will talk to another club manager. The offer may be accepted by another club, but the offer will be reluctantly rejected. Of course, the price of both of the game will also be a difficult process. The new negotiation means that the club manager will take a dynamic and diverse response to get the best club ideal.

2. Once the transfer fee and other clubs reach an agreement, the player will directly negotiate with the player or its agents, brokers. This process needs to confirm the player's salary, the duration of the contract, and even determine its role in the team, leaving the terms and bonuses. These will be conditions for players to reach an agreement.

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