How will the Nintendo Switch Run FIFA 18

EA has been marketing 18 FIFA is built on Switch for a long time. The representative of the company told Polygon Switch version will use a custom engine instead of EA Sport Ignite, PS4 and Xbox One used before. It doesn't feel like as new as FIFA 17, but developers can build some latest game features, like this year's new crossover system.

Most importantly, the engine runs the action at 60 frames per second, with a resolution of 1080p when docking and 720p when docked. Visual effects also impress us, whether it's on TV or in our hands. The game is definitely better than the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions, and the player's detailed uniform is a special highlight.

The biggest missing part of modern FIFA's experience is the game engine. Last year, FIFA 17 developer EA Vancouver changed its long-running series into the Frostbite engine of EA DICE. This change provides a significant graphical upgrade and allows EA vancouver to introduce FIFA's first story mode Journey. These two elements are popular in the FIFA 18 features - but with no Frostbite, exchanging version of the story mode is impossible to exist in the game.

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