How to operate to offer expensive players

The beginning of the game is very simple. Gold coins all use up. Do not be soft, pick +1000 to start with, buy less expensive gold. A weak player does not mean that the team is weak, the strength of your technology and familiar with the degree of the player after the comprehensive strength evaluation such as this person to run fast. That person twisted well, this person shot good, there are weakers too. Do not care about a position to hit a heavy hit to buy a gold price.

FIFA18 has a new model SQUAD BATTLE.

In fact, fifa18coins.co.uk does not like to play with computer. Then I find the reward is not bad, go to try to engage in a engage. To my chicken and chicken strength, T semi-professional level like, a 5: 0 easily no problems, to the score about 850 points or so. Reward, then the gold inside the three grades are still very good is also better to reach you on the amount of force and line. Basically to the two large + 1W2-1W3, weekly reward advanced account, even if it is out of all slag, 350,650, sell, but also have a 2W-2W5 it, in case of a few out to force a small Brother is still very good.

Next to count about taking gold 3 about how much T (in fact he is a regular), gold 3 in 1W1 out of the points score.

Up to send a selection, select the semi-career relaxed and happy to get 1600 points, and then almost to T12 to a total of 13, divided by 7 days, happy and happy every day 2 will be able to finish. Then start your trip to you. If one day busy, behind the day T4 can, or more flexible.

0 krypton players in your own, restrained their desire to buy big brother, insist on operation, each useless card are operating up. (Sold), want to set up a practical black card array, I would like to mix a D3, D2 is no problem. I am also at this level. D1 is too great, strong and invincible.

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