How to Master FIFA 18 New UT

EA has made some tweaks to this year's version of the ultimate team. This is what expectations and how to stay at the top of the new FUT.

FIFA cannot be accused of resting on its laurels. This year, the Ultimate Team's best sport game mode has undergone some of the biggest changes in FIFA 18 - new single-player options. With new ICONS added to the mix, Squad Building Challenges and more, FUT now feels like a game, especially if you think you can even play it at any time, thanks to the Nintendo Switch.

The excitement is that Journey 2 and Career Mode can wait; You need to move your ultimate team. Get the best team early - or at least get a lot of COINS and packages open. However, the most effective way has changed, and that's where we come in. Read our tips to keep the FUT peak this year.

FIFA 18 now has daily and weekly challenges. Expanded the FUT goal, the goal of every year from online game season winning at least two goals to help Argentina's players today, and even simple things, such as "application fitness project". The best thing to do is to complete each challenge and give you a reward: sometimes FIFA 18 coins, sometimes a mini pack. Complete all your daily goals and get another reward.

Elsewhere, the launch targets have been tightened up a bit, and you can guess that they will be rewarded. The weekly goals are more focused on letting you play, asking for certain goals, or buying or selling a certain number of players. But you are constantly giving carrots at the end of the stick with more packaging, more rewards and more FIFA 18 COINS.

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