How to Juggle the Ball in FIFA 18

Football is a complex sport and requires a lot of skills. Because the locations on the field are not the same, players need to master the several technologies.

In general, players need to master six technologies. So do you know these six technologies? We fifa18coins.co.uk will introduce them to you one by one. Today we want to talk about how to juggle the ball. So if you want to learn more, come to fifa18coins.co.uk where you can buy cheap FIFA 18 Coins.

Juggling the ball is the most basic technology, which mainly requires players to have a good sense of the ball. When playing football, they can have a good control of football. It generally uses the inner side of the foot to juggle the ball. The body center of gravity moved to supported foot. When the ball falls to the height of the knee, you need to bent leg and gently hit the bottom of the ball.

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