Great Lev Yashin Was in FIFA 18

There are 16 famous soccer players being added in FIFA 18. Fifa18coins.co.uk thinks maybe many game players and fans, especially the young, are not familiar with Lev Yashin. He was former Soviet goalkeeper. The world has a high opinion of him.

He is by far the only one goalkeeper winning the European Golden Globe, is also the earliest one who passed away as a European Golden Globe Award member. As the most outstanding goalkeeper in twentieth century, he surpassed the times, beyond the borders, winning the praise of the world not only because of his superb skills, but also for his high sports spirit. At the time of the Eastern and Western camps in the case of long cold war, Yashin firmly hold the red Soviet football door.

Pele has spoke highly of his performance. "If you want to break the door of Yashin, you need to pay doubled efforts." In 1970 British Football World named the world's best player, Yashin only ranked second after Pele. In 1963 Yashin was elected as European footballer. This is the only goalkeeper who has won this award. Another amazing record about Yashin is that in his football career, he has kicked out a total of 98 penalty. In 2000 Yashin was honored the century goalkeeper by the FIFA. Lev Yaxin has played for the Moscow Dynamo Football Club.

Yashin's sports career is full of legend and light. He was born in an ordinary worker family, 16 years old when he knew football. Juvenile Yashin worked in his parents' factory on weekdays. On weekends he became an excellent hockey goalkeeper. Once, the factory union soccer team goalkeeper was wounded, Yashin replaced him. This chance has become an important step in Yashin's life, since then until the Moscow Dynamo team, he never left Goalkeeper position.

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