Golden Boots in European History

    In the League match last weekend, Messi scored twice in the play in La Liga. In the battle of Golden Boots in the history of five major Leagues, Messi ranked No. 3, following two gods, who are respectively Gerd Müller in the history of the Bundesliga and Jimmy Graves in England's top League history. Messi is expected to be among the first in history.

    So far, Messi has gained 351 goals in the Spanish league, where Messi scored 200 goals at home, and scored 151 goals away from home, with 274 balls using the left foot and 63 balls using the right foot, and there are 13 head balls and 1 handball.

    Messi has played 14 seasons in La Liga, and in 11/12 season, Messi scored 50 goals in the single season league, creating a La Liga record. In addition, Messi has scored 40 goals in two single-season leagues, and scored 30 goals in 3 single-season leagues.

    Before Messi are the gold boots Gede Muller in the Bundesliga’s history and the top scorer Jimmy Graves in the England's top league history, where Muller scored 365 goals in the Bundesliga, and Graves scored 357 goals. In other words, as long as Messi scored 15 goals in La Liga, he will completely go beyond Mueller, and become the first striker in the history of the five leagues.

    It is worth mentioning that, Ronaldo’s number of goals is also very amazing. Since he joined the Real Madrid the summer of 2009, Ronaldo has scored 285 goals in the Primera Liga, only in 265 games, and Messi scored 351 goals, in 384 games. It can be seen that Ronaldo’s number of goals in La Liga is higher than the performance of Messi.

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