First gameplay scenes of a live match with Real Madrid stars

EA provided the FIFA fans this week with live stream with lots of new information and pictures to FIFA 18. After new FUT icon stories and other new FUT features, there was then also the first gameplay to play soccer simulation FIFA 18 to admire.

Even the real Madrid stars Isco and Marco Asensio on the Playstation 4 against each other. Of course, the two football pros voted their Spanish club as a team. They were supported by the Youtubers Spencer FC and Castro1021.

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From the video first conclusions can be drawn about the changed gameplay of FIFA 18. Among other things, the offensive of Electronic Arts was strengthened. So dribbling is now easier and by better AI the teammates there are thus also more play stations.

"In the predecessor of the game, the main focus was on the center, and in FIFA 18, we're going to expand it," said Gameplay producer Sam Rivera. "The whole team is now moving more and especially the outside are always looking for new ways."

In comparison, the defensive seems to have some small weaknesses. Thus, steep passes are often let through by the defensive players and the outside stand in the defense somewhat unsafe. In addition, the new flank system provides for a certain transition phase.

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