Fifa18coins Shares Defensive Skills To Play FIFA 18

I feel FIFA 18 defensive is better than FIFA 17. There is no BUG skills to defend the rigid set, many times we can rely on the player's own defense AI. There is a misunderstanding I must explain. I see a lot of people saying that in defensing do not use Messi nor Neymar because they have too little physical strength. This is definitely a misunderstanding.

When I was in defensive, if necessary, it often happens that Kun and Sturridge all the way were pulled to the edge of the restricted area. When I am defensing, in my mind it is clear that there are 11-player defensive station, 41212 or defensive formation station is 4312. The other side of the attack in the vicinity of the circle run back along the nearest CAM. It is to run back, not to the opponent's foot. A lot of people like to pull people straight to the ball, this is the wrong defensive ideas, so when you go to the position, the opponent is likely to catch the ball. You will always slower, it is easy to lose the ball.

I clearly know of 11 individuals defense area when in defense. To ensure that four guards 2 CM, a CDM priority to reach their own defense area. Especially LB and RB. Because AI likes to plug in, but do not like to run back. Pay attention to the sidewalk to make sure there are players there. You pull CB out to so that whether it is XJB pass or directly shot, the opponents will cause great danger.

When opponents are dribbling in the sidewalk, our LB and RB directly face them, most of the time I have LB and RB AI man-mark. I run to CM to grab the ball. As long as the defender has a defensive position, bold to let the computer AI prevent. When plan to stop defensing, spend more time to control and array team formation. Do not think in the first time losing the ball in the circle or run more front to close down, you will broken down if yo can not stop the opponants. Pull the person to the position, make the changes. Observe the other side's ball road, run ahead of the defender to to rob the ball. If the other side promote to the edge of the restricted area, ensure that the defender standing in front of the offensive player.

After your level increases up to a height, you will find that everyone has attack routines, what they often fight is defensive. Offensive can be learned from template. Defense is more subject to availability. It can be said that the defense can better reflect the player's personality. If you are a novice, you can first try to feel the FIFA 18 game as what I said.

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