Fifa18coins Introduces Different Shots in FIFA 18

Corners - There is now a totally new corner system, and it's much effective. You will now see a crosshair on the pitch, showing the direction in which the ball will go. This is excellent for more specific crosses, like when you want to put the ball around the near or far post. That determines the direction of the ball, while the strength carried out determines the style of cross. If you only click the cross button, the ball will arrive at the destination with a high trajectory, almost like a balloon-like.

Free kicks - Free kicks work mostly the same as penalties. Mostly. You can change direction and distance, and it will increase the power of the shot, or even the way you kick the ball. If you choose front kick, the ball will not gain curve, and the shoot will go up and down (similar to a Cristiano Ronaldo free kick). If you put the player on his preferred foot, you will kick the ball with the outside of the foot, similar to a Roberto Carlos free kick.

Side throw - There are more choices while making a throw, including a fake throw. If you press the shoot and pass buttons at the same time, the player will false throw the ball - a particularly effective trick against a human opponent. With the left stick you can walk the line, while the right analog stick lets you take control of another player and call for the ball. But if you keep the button pressed, the cross will go lower and faster. The first type is good at putting the ball behind the back post, avoiding the goalkeeper, while the other cross is good for headers at the near post.

Penalties - The penalties have went through major changes this year, and like free kicks, you can now set the direction and distance from the player to the ball. To start running towards the ball, press foward. Then, with the player running, press the direction you want to give the ball and strength. It may take a few tries but you will eventually get used to it.

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