Fans are Calling for Lowering the Ability Value of Ronaldo in FIFA 18

Ronaldo became the cover of this year' s spokesperson in FIFA 18. And on the issue of the player' s ability to cause the users have aroused extensive discussion, and some fans believe that part of the value of Ronaldo need to adjust down.

In reality, Ronaldo has been transformed into a highly efficient shooter, the goal of the machine, but he is still a super player in the virtual game. Shoot, break, strong, extraordinary ability are the top, there is no dead technology.

Over two to three years of observation, it is clear that he is down. Not that his ability to drop, but this season saw most of his game, it is clear. In reality he did not have 92 ball steps, nor 91 breakthrough ability. He is still the world' s top terminator and scorer right, but we compare to see Berg and Robben' s dribbling frequency, Ronaldo certainly should not have such a high data.

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