FIFA18 Career Mode New Features Describe

FIFA 18 career model will be the strong driving of the frost engine. On the Xbox, PlayStation and PC platforms. The use of the frost engine's career model will be added to interactive transfer negotiations, dynamic news clips, custom training presets and new game broadcast visual packaging. Which will make the career model for the players to bring a more profound and real gaming experience.

Interactive transfer negotiations

Mourinho meets with other club managers

FIFA 18 career model in the transfer negotiations has been completely reformed, it will be a more immersive, interactive transfer negotiation process. The new transfer center in the main menu of the career mode allows the player to track all the transfer goals and players already on the market. And can use the new interactive transfer negotiation system.

Through interactive decisions, players can now talk to each other's club staff or player representatives (managers or brokers) to make the necessary deals for their players. If the player does not want to interview, you can also delegate the negotiation to the assistant at the transfer center.

Manchester United talks on Mahiqi transfer negotiations

If you want to negotiate with the players, need to enter the transfer center, from the list of candidates to select a player you want to negotiate. Once into the negotiation stage, to get players need to have two steps:

1. For the transfer fee of the players, you need to personally discuss with the seller's club manager or sales representative. With the decision option, players can make quotes even include additional terms such as selling terms. After the offer, the player will talk to the other club manager. The offer may be accepted by the other club, but the offer will be reluctantly rejected. Of course, the two sides on the price of the game will also be a difficult process. The new negotiating AI means that the club manager of the club will take a dynamic and diversified response to get the best deal for the ideal of its club.

2. Once the transfer fee and the other club to reach an agreement, the player will begin directly with the players or their agents, brokers to negotiate. This process needs to confirm the player's salary, the duration of the contract, and even determine its role in the team, leave the terms and bonuses (appearance, goals, without losing the prize). These will be players and players to agree on the conditions.

Dynamic news

Mourinho and Lukaku show Manchester United No. 9 jersey

When the deal is completed with the club and the players, they will appear in your club. In the FIFA 18 career model, all clubs and players of the transfer transactions and other important information in the football circle will be through a new way of technology to show. This technology will generate news clips in the Career Mode menu.

For example, when a player completes a transfer transaction, the player will be able to see their announcement and the corresponding news snippet. This includes sponsor advertising, team lineup, and the team signed a new coach of the press conference.

In addition to the transfer transaction, when the player wins the league's best player or team to win the championship, they will be able to see them show the trophy's game animation.

Degea won the Premier League Player of the Year


FIFA 18's Skill Game will add 15 new training content. This will allow players to team training or youth development have more full choice. Create preset training items and assign them to specific players or groups of players to make it easier for players to model youth training strategies to enhance the ability of young players or help them recover from injuries.

Quick substitutions

This is the first time FIFA has joined this feature. You can let the player in the pre-match team management for the default, the game is too long when the animation will appear prompts, will not have to interrupt the game to complete the rapid replacement of the players.

Team style

The new team style will be born in the FIFA 18 career model. Players can immediately recognize those of the world that the tactical play. Throughout the career, regardless of the choice of a new team or overcome their rival after the players will feel the offensive and defensive tactics at both ends of the tactical layout of a new understanding, gave birth to a lot of new changes. At the same time, can also hear the commentators according to the team's style of the game made comments.

The spectacular atmosphere of the game

FIFA 18 in the atmosphere of the simulation more detailed, when the players choose a different league game, you can appreciate the unique of each league. A unique fan atmosphere in the area, the performance of the sidelines, a unique slogan or ad for a course, a crazy crowd and other details to make every game unique.

In Spain, Germany and Portugal, the fans will be in the penalty ball when the rhythm of the cries; North American league announcers will use a low voice to his right; MLS and Santander team has a new cheer; The horseman whistle will remind the goalkeeper is the time to kick the ball; there are Derby warfare, Cup second round and weak teams in the event of the new fans have a voice of deafening.

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