FIFA World Cup winners Antoine Griezmann

Antoine Griezmann, striker of Atletico Madrid, is a true fan of the world of video games. Especially FIFA, the title of EA Sports that sells the most in the world and is a reference in the world of football in this entertainment that moves millions of fans and millions of dollars in profits.

The Frenchman, like many fans, awaits the launch of the new edition of the video game, FIFA18. One of the issues that intrigues most followers, are the scores of the players. A theme that even intrigues the professionals themselves. The clear example is the own Griezmann, who this Thursday, has asked directly to the creators of the game, what will be his score.

The player has even launched a survey among his followers as to what their ranking will be. The player of the Athletic gives several options, less than 88 and more of 89. What perhaps was not expected so much Griezmann, that in fact is one of the protagonists of the new videojuego (includes until its celebration), is that the Authors of the game, members of the Canadian company, will answer with a 'vacile' in full rule to your question of what will be your score. "Less than 99", they unveiled. (100 is the maximum).

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