FIFA Announced the Lastest Ranking of National Teams

FIFA announced the national team latest ranking, compared with last month, the Chinese national team points reduced by 20 points, only 404 points, the total ranking fell to 86. In the AFC list, the World Cup in Asia are two stages of the same group of Qatar team surpassed, fell to ninth in Asia.

In the AFC list, the top two are still Iran and South Korea. The other six Asian teams in front of the Chinese team are: Japan, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, UAE and Qatar. And the national team with the Syrian team is ranked 10th in Asia, the total ranked 93rd.

The total list, the top five without any change. Argentina for 11 consecutive months to sit in the top spot, Brazil, Germany, Chile and Belgium, followed by second to FIFA Coins fifth. Cameroon ranked 29 after the upgrade, the latest ranking for the 33rd, they are also the fastest-growing team this month.

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