FIFA 18 will be released the behavior of the fans on September

One of the main changes of FIFA 18 will be released the behavior of the fans on September: they will be in high definition, they will react to the goals and even embrace with the players that approach.

Little by little and in social networks, EA Sports reveals different aspects of how FIFA 18 will be. The fans look forward to September so that they can buy it and start enjoying it, but for now they have to settle for the teasers that appear in the Networks periodically.

The new revelation goes through the total renewal of the behavior of the fans in the game. They will no longer be part of the set, but active players in what surrounds the field of play: before a goal there will be avalanches, camera changes in which there will be close ups of those fans celebrating and even embrace with players who approach the limit Perimeter.

On the other hand, in the surroundings of the field of play will be new elements that previously did not appear like publicity of diverse forms and ambulances besides flags with the faces of the players. More Cheap FIFA 18 Coins sale at fifa18coins.co.uk store.

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