FIFA 18 secrets and launch date Revealed for Manufacturers Switch

During the Manufacturers Switch Presentation, EA revealed that they will bring the world famous FIFA franchise to Nintendo's brand new portable console.

But precise details about the game and what kind of features and graphics followers could expect to see had been few and far between.

All that was pointed out was that FIFA upon Nintendo Switch would be a "Custom" built game.

Tom Phillips, Deputy news editor in Eurogamer and quite often a person with plenty of insider information, shared some details about FIFA on Switch, saying:

"I've heard FIFA Switch relies off of the 360/PS3 versions that still get made. inch

However , EA's chief competing officer, Peter Moore had been quick to reinforce this was "custom build for Nintendo Switch" and not another port from the game.

But now, thanks to a brand new interview with Moore, thanks to the team at Gamereactor. eu, we know a few more key information about what to expect when the game is actually launched.

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