FIFA 18 Will Introduce Super League

Brazilian media Global TV reported that EA will introduce Chinese league. It is reported that EA has received the Guangzhou Hengda, Shandong Luneng, Beijing Guoan and other Chinese clubs.

Whether it is Europe, South America or Asia, without exception, who has recognized the influence of the Chinese league is growing rapidly after a famous coach and player came to China. EA company said FIFA 18 was likely to introduce Chinese league. There is no doubt that this is the evidence that Chinese league influence enhanced a big step. FIFA as the world's most popular football game, EA has never add official Chinese Football League.

Fifa18coins.co.uk said last year, FIFA series for the first time in the FIFA 16 added the women's football league, and FIFA 18 the biggest bright spot is to add the Chinese league. News that EA has been the Guangzhou Hengda, Shandong Luneng, Beijing Guoan and other Chinese clubs.

The biggest problem EA facing is the authorization of the Chinese clubs in the AFC Champions League, while the company's live soccer game has the AFC license, including the Chinese clubs. In the football game industry, FIFA series of the biggest competitor is the live football series.

There is no doubt that in view of the Super League having a big star. FIFA series and PES series are bound to pay attention to the Chinese league, EA's FIFA series advantage lies in the copyright. PES series advantage has Launched the AFC Champions League mode.

Who will get benefit from Chinese League first? It is worth of paying attention. Fifa18coins will inform you the latest news.

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