FIFA 18 Vs PES 2018 Which Game Is Better

FIFA series of game fluency and fan base have made it win a wide range of praise. But in recent years, the quality of PES gradually improved, and FIFA has reached a very close position. In the "FIFA 18" and PES 2018 is about to launch, we also made some predictions on these two games. Here, fifa18coins.co.uk website provides you with FIFA 18 Vs PES 2018, which game is better.

Goals, goals, or goals

Maybe FIFA18 likes to see a 0-0 draw, but PES 2018 is not the case, it encourages the goal. In the PES 2018, each foot shot are of high quality, and can hit the goal range, perhaps in this game, the worst hit the door is only slightly higher than the goal.

You can become a master of the pass

In FIFA18, the passing speed is slow, but also more thoughtful, it is very suitable for the use of patience to establish the advantages of the players. But if you want the team to play as fast as the Kauter period of Dortmund direct play, then you may choose PES 2018.

Passing the team to pass the team is very cool things, in the game, the players can be linked by the movement of the ball together. But this does not mean that the ball will be like a magnet suck at the foot of the player, if you master the bad pass, your player is still difficult to control the ball at the foot of the. Of course, if you have technology like Iniesta, you can still use a pass to break a team's defense. Who will not enjoy this pleasure?

As before, the PES 2018 is still unable to fully use the real team name. The names of teams like North London and West Glamorgan still exist in the game. In addition, in addition to Bayern, Wolfsburg and Mönchengladbach, the PES 2018 is still no Bundesliga.

But these are not big problems. Some players may complain about these flaws, but most of the players after downloading some patches can solve the problem smoothly. Although it will take some time, but in the end you will experience the same as the real live television game, these time is worth it.

The official licensing model

In PES 2018, you can choose a variety of models to play.

Although the PES 2018 lacks the real team name, but they have an official licensed game mode. This is what FIFA lacks, and if you want to hear the familiar Champions League theme song in the game, then you have to choose PES 2018.

Listen to the familiar Champions League melody, choose your favorite team holding big ears cup, this is not the fans dream of things? PES 2018 can give you this experience. Here, every European cup has an official license. If you think these are not enough? Do not forget PES 2018 there are South American Libertadores Cup and South American Cup Winners Cup.

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