FIFA 18 Two Ways to Shot

Ordinary shot
Practice: left joystick + B key
Introduction: The most common way to shoot is to the other goalkeeper, defense line weak point of the door to fight the door.
The line is clear and there is no rear player on the shot.
Ordinary shot is suitable for use in a dribble shot, shot (corner, pass the ball, cross the ball, do not control the ball from the foot) and Tuishe (straight plug the ball, do not control the ball in the case of foot).
Note: ordinary shot in the case of low defensive pressure as far as possible with a forward shot, to create more shot space.
But the ordinary shot in the case of shaking, the intensity and angle are often not ideal, unless it is very close, or do not recommend shaking.

Arc ball shot
Practice: left joystick + B key, from the foot after pushing the left joystick
Introduction: in the ordinary shot on the basis of the original left with a rocker to adjust the flight path of the ball.
Arc ball shot to create more hit the door angle, but in the course of the flight to reduce the speed of the ball, the other side of the door will be more easily confiscated.
Suitable for long-range, found the ball flew to the center of the door, you can properly push the left joystick to change the ball track.
Note: arc ball if the shot has chosen a very Diao point of view, it is not appropriate to add roundabout, or easy to fly out of the bottom line or directly into the goalkeeper's arms.
Arc ball is a master of the way to fight the door, more flashy, more recommended is the opportunity to stew on the foot.

Which way you fifa18coins fans like to use often?

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