FIFA 18 Switch Version Missing A Major Feature

FIFA can be used today, but not all versions of the game are equal. In addition, the game's Nintendo Switch lacks the ability of friends to play online. This means that the only online game is done through a random match.

However, this omission is not entirely the fault of the company before you write a strong email to electronic art.

As Eurogamer points out, Nintendo has denied developing an in-built invitation or party system for the console. This means that EA needs to develop a customized solution that allows FIFA players to find each other online.

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This is the first FIFA EA Nintendo console, as the old Wii and the company say future increases will depend on the success of the Switch.

PatrickSoderlund, executive vice President of EA global studio, said in August: "we have to look at it from a resource perspective and in a way. Numbers are a factor. So for us, it is the support platform as a platform to build technology with the big things to test such as FIFA, there are several other. Perhaps we will see, if they go smoothly, I don't see why we should 'our portfolio in the platform as much as possible. I hope we get there and it will be my personal goal.

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