FIFA 18 Skill Corner Kick Practice

Practice: right joystick + X key

Introduction: the reform on corner kick is very vivid. Years before the left joystick control angle, now it is the right rocker select a placement, and then add intensity. If the intensity is less than 50%, then the level of precision will increase. Less than or greater than 50% of the intensity will cause drop deviation.

Although there are places to let you aim at, it is best to choose the placement in the goalkeeper and 12 yards between the goalkeeper embarrassing distance, then the ball is not easy to be confiscated.

If you find the ball in the front of the column or behind the column, you can consider a second pass over. Note that corner kick reform is novel, with the cross key tactical tactics will have a better effect.

But you should not pursue too much to the placement. You need to predict the player's post moves away in order to make the rush to grab the players to have more distance to carry the door.

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