FIFA 18 Shooting Skills

Spoon Penalty
Practice: LB key + B key
Through the way the other side of the defensive player and the gantry of the head and fall into the net nest shot way by lob shot.

Suitable for sports warfare and twelve yards, this hit the door is very fancy, as long as the other side of the goalkeeper station to pay attention, or the other goalkeeper in the flutter twelve yards when there are signs of flying around, you can display lob The

Note: lance must be the intensity and angle of the ball, otherwise it will play a slow and flat half of the ball, the goalkeeper will catch two.

In the twelve yards is not recommended with the human players on the use of the spoon when the penalty, because there are many players do not know how to throw a ball ... so it will only stand in the middle, and the angle of the spoon is more difficult to take, easy straight Fly in the road, then the other side without any operation will catch.

Deciduous Free Kick
Practice: RB key + B key + left joystick

Deciduous free kick is suitable for free kicks and long shots, but the long shots are more suggestive of using the run-behind plus force to reach the power slot 3/4 of the shot.

First of all you have to choose a foot more than 80 players, adjust the free throw position in the partial, so that it has full run.

In the door to play a moment to hold the RB key + B key, while the left rocker in fact only need to push the direction of the dragon can be pushed (to stabilize, after the release to let go), strength to reach the strength of the slot 3 / A little, mainly depending on the distance, should not be full).

Then you can play the ultra-long distance floating song fall leaves.

Note: Deciduous free kick in the game which is still very good to be able to blast the wonderful parabola, but the angle of the leaves of the ball is difficult to find (mainly depends on the left joystick), so the chance of success or less.

Which way you fifa18coins fans like to use often? We have talked about the other two ways yesterday.

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