FIFA 18 Rating C Ronaldo Surpassed Messi

EA released the FIFA 18 top ten player ratings. Compared with last year, the top five did not change. C Ronaldo for the second consecutive year become the highest score player in the FIFA game.

Last season C Ronaldo's excellent performance helped Real Madrid defend the Champions League also take the La Liga champion. With no accident, he will gain personal career fifth gold ball trophy, thus chasing Messi.

C Ronaldo last year surpassing Messi ranked the first, this year C Ronaldo's total score is 94 points, but the specific sub-ability changed. His speed dropped by 2 points, dribbling down 1 point, shotting up 1 point. The pass rose 1 point. His last year's data for the speed of 92 points, 91 points, shot 92 points, defense 33 points, passing 81 points, physical quality 80 points. With the increase in the age of C Ronaldo, EA lowered his speed and passing, but gave his shotting and passing more points.

Messi's total score has not changed, 93 points. This year, his sub-data for the rate of 89 points, dribbling 95 points, 50 points shot, defense 26 points, passing 86 points, physical quality 61 points, while last year his data for the speed of 89 points, dribbling 96 points, shotting 90 points, defense 26 points, passing 86 points, physical quality 61 points. The only change is the speed down 1 point.

This season joining Paris Saint-Germain's Neymar continued to come in third, Suarez and Neuer also remain in the fourth and fifth. Players ranking 6th to 10th are Levandovsky, Ramos, Hazar, Tony - Cross and Higuain. Last year's 6th to 10th are Bale, Ibrahimovic, Boateng, Levandovsky and De Gea.

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