FIFA 18 Potential Young Players Brief List

In FIFA 18, you can either build a team that is good for the present and the next few seasons, or build a team that has the potential to grow. In this guide to FIFA 18 best young players, we will list the most exciting young players to detail the FIFA 18 players with the highest potential. We will rank the best young players in FIFA's 18 with the highest potential rating, but if you want to see where it is, so are we.

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FIFA 18 - Best Young GK
As you can see, Donnarumma has crazy potential. Three years later, he should be at level 90 or above, making him not only the best young goalkeeper in FIFA 18, but also one of the best players in FIFA 18.
Gianluigi Donnarumma (GK) (18 years old) - potential 90+
Alban Lafont (GK) (18 years old) - potential 84+

FIFA 18 - Best Young CB, RB, LB
We didn't get any more than 90 rating defenders, but given that they are likely to have some of the highest defense. Grimaldo is one of the youngest with 87, so there's an opportunity to get to 90.
Hector Bellerin (RB) (22) - potential 88+
Marquinhos (CB) (23) - potential 88+
Eric bailey (CB) (23) - potential 88+
Samuel umtiti (CB) (23) - potential 87+
Alejandro grimatdo (LB) (21) - potential 87+

FIFA 18 - Best Young CM, CDM, LM, RM
A group of young players in midfield, they should be able to get more than 90 points in FIFA 18. Barardo Silva, Saul, Tolisso, Lemar and Dembele will be at the top of the game to become the world's favorite player.

FIFA 18 - Best Young ST, CAM, CF, RW, LW
Another group of youths from FIFA 18 have attacked more than 90 people in the pool. Asensio ended up at 91, still years of growth. Alli, Jesus and Mbappe should all end in the 1990s, but players like "martial arts" and "Stirling" might miss it.

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