FIFA 18 Official Graphics

Over the next few weeks, we will find more news on FIFA 18 Coins and Fifa 18 should also receive official license information for the championships and teams that will be present in the new chapter of the football footage EA Sports.

Some rumors have already begun to circulate, especially thanks to those who have been able to thoroughly test the demo version of Fifa 18 shown during the EA Play of Hollywood and the E3 in Los Angeles.

We therefore decided to try to make the point of the situation, beginning with those championships that, without doubt, will have the official license, with overlapping graphics identical to those we are used to seeing on TV.

Official graphics

After the Premier League and Bundesliga, in Fifa 18 Liga Santander and MLS will also use official graphics. There are currently no news related to the other championships, because in the demo it was only possible to check these leagues, as there was only one club for the others (the particular graphic layout, let's remember, only appears when two teams from Same championship). There may be some possibilities for Ligue 1 too. More difficult is the situation for Serie A

A small parenthesis also regarding the "Trip" mode: to point out that the Twitter profile that EA Sports has created for Alex Hunter, the virtual player that we run into the game, follows the official Premier League, Bundesliga, Liga Santander and Ligue 1 and it is not to be excluded that the young talent has the chance to move to one of these championships during the second chapter of his adventure.

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